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[How to save cut potato shreds]_How to save_Save method

[How to save cut potato shreds]_How to save_Save method

Because the family needs to come to the guest or there is a rush, many people do n’t have time to cut the potato shreds, the potato shreds will turn black, and even the antioxidants will appear, all the nutrients will be lost, and they will be soaked in water.Soaked, so the method of preserving sliced potato shreds still needs to be refrigerated or soaked in tap water. This is no problem, but it should be eaten within 24 hours.

Efficacy of Potatoes Potatoes are sweet, flat, slightly cool, enter the spleen, stomach, and large intestine, and have stomach toning, spleen and dampness, detoxification and anti-inflammatory, broad bowel laxation, hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering, blood circulation, swelling, benefitIt is a kind of food that is very suitable for eating.

Potatoes treat complications such as stomachache and toothache, deficiency of spleen deficiency, dry stool, hypertension, and high blood lipids. In addition, they help treat indigestion, habitual constipation, fatigue, chronic stomach pain, joint pain, and skin eczema.

1. Wide bowel laxative: potatoes contain a lot of supplementary fiber, which can widen bowel laxative, help the body excrete metabolic toxins in time, prevent constipation, and prevent the occurrence of diseases;Starch and protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, etc., can promote the digestive function of the spleen and stomach.

3, hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering, beauty and beauty: potatoes can provide a large number of mucus proteins with special protective effects on the human body.

It can promote the lubrication of the digestive tract, the respiratory tract, the joint cavity and the serosal cavity, prevent the cardiovascular and systemic micro-deposition, maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels, and help prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

Potato is also an alkaline vegetable, which is beneficial to the acid-base balance in the body and neutralizes the acidic substances produced by the body’s metabolism, which has a certain beauty and anti-aging effect; 4, supplement nutrition, benefit water and swelling: potatoes are rich in richnessVitamins, calcium, potassium and other trace elements, which are easy to absorb and absorb, are rich in nutrients. In Europe and the United States, especially North America, potatoes have long become the second staple food.

The potassium contained in potatoes can replace sodium in the body and release sodium in vitro, which is conducive to the recovery of patients with hypertension and nephritis and edema.

The method of fried potato shreds is as follows: 2 potatoes, 1 green pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate, vinegar, vegetable oil method 1, peel and shred potatoes, soak them in water after washing for several times.

2. Desliced and shredded green peppers and sliced garlic.

3. Heat vegetable oil, add potato shreds and garlic slices and stir fry.

4, add an appropriate amount of vinegar, add potatoes when the potatoes are ripe.

5. Add salt and some MSG after frying several times.