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[Food to control blood sugar]_Control blood sugar_How to eat_How to eat

[Food to control blood sugar]_Control blood sugar_How to eat_How to eat

In today’s society, more and more diabetic patients have appeared. When you have diabetes, you must pay attention to your daily diet. It is most important to maintain a stable blood sugar.Onions, corn and so on.

1. Corn must be cooked in lean meat. Take 30 grams of corn and 100 grams of lean pork. Add water to make soup.

After being cooked, go to corn and drink soup and meat.

This prescription is suitable for general diabetic patients, but it is not suitable for those with kidney deficiency.

2, home-fried onions take 250 grams of onions, use home-fried frying method to make condiments, eat with rice.

Or take onion 50?
100 grams, boiled for 1?
Take after 2 minutes.

Onion has the effects of warming, lowering gas, and depletion. It can increase the insulin level in the blood to reduce blood sugar, and can also suppress the increase of blood cholesterol caused by a high-fat diet.

3, wolfberry stew rabbit meat, take 15 grams of wolfberry, 250 grams of rabbit meat, add the right amount of water, simmer in the heat and season with salt, drink soup and eat rabbit meat.

Lycium barbarum is a good medicine to nourish liver and kidney. According to pharmacological research, it has a hypoglycemic effect.

Rabbit meat has the functions of replenishing and strengthening qi, quenching thirst, strengthening spleen, and nourishing yin and strengthening.

This prescription is suitable for people with diabetes who have liver and kidney deficiency.

Intestinal dryness and heat are not suitable.

4, mussel bitter gourd soup to take 250 grams of bitter gourd, 100 grams of mussel meat.

Live mussels are kept in clear water for two days. After washing, take the mussel meat and cook the soup with bitter gourd. After cooking, add oil, season with salt, and serve.

According to recent literature records, bitter gourd and mussel have both blood sugar lowering effects.

Crude bitter gourd extract contains insulin-like substances and has a significant hypoglycemic effect.

Chinese medicine believes that bitter gourd has sweet and bitter coldness, which can clear heat, relieve annoyance, and quench thirst; mussel meat is salty and cold, which can clear heat and nourish yin, quench thirst and diuretic.

The combination of the two, clearing heat and nourishing yin, is suitable for people with diabetes who have stomach yin deficiency and heat.

5, mung bean pumpkin, mung bean 250 grams, 500 grams of pumpkin, cut into pieces, add an appropriate amount of water, cook and eat.

Pumpkin has a sweet taste, is cold and non-toxic, has the effect of clearing away heat and moistening, strengthening the spleen and quenching thirst.

Pumpkin contains a large amount of pectin, which has the function of promoting human body’s secretion and secretion. Besides, vitamin is a kind of high-fiber food.

Mung bean sweet, cool, has the effect of heatstroke, diuretic, detoxification, contains a lot of essential trace elements of the human body.

This prescription is suitable for those who eat gluten and eliminate hunger, and regular food can stabilize blood sugar.